1st CEESAconnects Virtual Conference

Featured Workshops

KEYNOTE: Communicating with Human Beings is Not Logical...

John Bates
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KEYNOTE: Explorations in Machine Learning & AI

Linda Liukas
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It’s Time to Walk the Talk: Individualizing Professional Learning

Ben Thrash
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The Mouth of The Shark

Jawid Danish
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Cultivating Connections that Matter: Creating Transformational Learning Experiences

Ellen Heyting,
Rachael Thrash
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Applying Technology Innovation to the Future of Learning

Shelly Kurtz
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The Neuroscience of Learning Space

Kathleen Naglee,
Minna Tammivuori-Piraux
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The Future of Collaborative Instruction

Aliza Robinson,
Jillian Nichols

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Diversity and Inclusion: Which Questions Are The Right Ones?

Sherri Spelic
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Tra-digital Approaches to Meaningful Making

Cathy Hunt
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Entrepreneurship Education in Blended Learning Environments

Lauri Vaara
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Creating an Inclusive DP Programme

Mark Kilmer
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A Place Where We Belong

Rachel Caldwell,
Cindy Beals
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Global Impact Schools: A Blueprint for Sustainable, Transformative Education for Community Impact
Aaron Moniz,
Steve Sostak
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