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Autonomy Belonging Connection Diversity Well-being

Opening Remarks

Kathy Stetson, Kathleen Naglee


KEYNOTE: Communicating with Human Beings is Not Logical...

John Bates


It’s Time to Walk the Talk: Individualizing Professional Learning

Ben Thrash

The heART and Soul of Education

Cathy Hunt

Emotional Credibility, the Extraordinary Difference Who You Are Can Make

John Bates

Understanding Spectrums of Gender and Sexuality
Anne Payne, Bela Gligorova, Lindsay Kehl

Tra-digital Approaches to Meaningful Making

Cathy Hunt


The Future of Collaborative Instruction

Aliza Robinson, Jillian Nichols

Diversity and Inclusion: Which Questions are the Right Ones?

Sherri Spelic

Moving from Checklists to Culture: Safeguarding for Impact in International Schools

Stephanie Johnson


Lunch Break


KEYNOTE: Brave Conversations: The Science of Bias

Lily Medina


Entrepreneurship Education in Blended Learning Environments

Lauri Vaara

A Place Where We Belong

Rachel Caldwell, Cindy Beals

Global Impact Schools: A Blueprint for Sustainable, Transformative Education for Community Impact

Aaron Moniz, Steve Sostak 

The Neuroscience of Learning Space: Physical and Virtual

Kathleen Naglee, Minna Tammivuori-Piraux


Applying Technology Innovation to the Future of Learning

Shelly Kurtz

Community Building and the Pandemic Effects

Fran Prolman

Cultivating Connections that Matter

Ellen Heyting, Rachael Thrash

Not Knowing What We Don't Know
(90 minutes)

Lily Medina






Surfing a Tsunami: Supporting a School Community During Covid

Sean Truman


Make Learning Matter to Your Students

Allison Zmuda, Diane Ullman

Making Creative Connections That Change Lives: Storytelling and Music

John Farrell

The Empathy to Impact Approach: Designing Educational and Curricular Systems for the Good of All and Sustainable Development of the World

Aaron Moniz, Steve Sostak

Building Trust and Psychological Safety

Fran Prolman


Closing Session Round Table

Kathy Stetson, Kathleen Naglee