A Place Where We Belong

Belonging is a fundamental human need. This need for social connection is instinctive and deep-rooted. A feeling of belonging describes a sense of authentically feeling solidarity with others. Creating a sense of belonging increases overall community well-being. It impacts positively on employee engagement and retention and also increases an individual’s capacity for learning. A sense of belonging has also been linked to learners’ focus, resilience, and participation.

This workshop will focus on one school’s actions to create a strong culture of belonging. Participants will engage in individual exercises, partner interactions, small group activities, discussions and presentations by the co-facilitators. Content will include consideration for the significance of core values and of developing relationships based on trust and respect. The workshop will also explore the potential of a culture of coaching and a personalised professional growth plan. In addition, it will touch on creating opportunities for involvement, sharing successes and celebrating the good times.