Learning STEAM+Humanities through Architecture

• Speaker: Pihla Meskanen (Arkki) •

In this workshop participants can dive hands-on in a creative learning process through 3D constructing. The participants will get an insight into how architecture and design have been used as a multidisciplinary phenomenon integrating various school subjects in Arkki’s programs within the past 25 years.

The workshop is based on the experiences of 25 years of architecture education in Finland as an after-school program approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Arkki’s program enables children to learn playfully through cross-curricular, phenomenon-based and hands-on 3D experimentation projects. Architecture offers endless possibilities in being the big A in STEAM education and holistically intertwining science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts through Architecture.

Arkki pedagogical program develops three dimensional and design thinking skills and evokes the imagination and creativity in children and youth.

Play, Create, Succeed is Arkki’s motto. “I have learned skills that I can apply in all fields of life, Arkki project-based learning teaches us creative problem-solving skills”, says Arkki pupil Joosua Kuusela.

Arkki’s long-term program consisting of 15 years and 1500 hours, has been developed by Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth in Finland during the past 26 years and can be licensed through Arkki International.

Think Globally, Act Locally! Discover & Implement Some of the Planet’s Most Inspiring K12 Innovations in your Classroom

• Speaker: Lasse Leponiemi •

Do you want to experiment with new practices and innovations? Would you like to know how your peers are solving similar issues like you in their own countries, states or cities?

In this workshop you will hear best practices on how to implement innovations in the classroom and how you, as an educator, can get free support from HundrED, a Finnish non-profit dedicated to seeking and sharing the world’s most inspiring K12 innovations.

Learn how to discover and implement some of the planet’s most inspiring education innovation projects into your classroom.
Hear from innovation entrepreneurs and educators from Finland and abroad about what’s working in the classroom and join the movement!

Learning objective:

  1. Learn what HundrED is and how they can support you in the classroom Learning objective.
  2. Learn how to implement innovations into your classroom Learning objective.
  3. Hear from innovation entrepreneurs and educations about what’s working for them in the classroom.

Applying Technology Innovation to the Future of Learning

• Speaker: Shelly Kurtz •

Does the conversation around technology scare you or excite you? This workshop harnesses the power of innovation as a tool to support improved outcomes by showcasing the transformation of data into knowledge. Participants will take key learnings from the private sector paired with secrets from startup culture to become part of the new frontier of what’s possible.

Come away with a field guide to demystify cloud tech and AI. Learn about the movement of technology for the public interest (Tech4PI) and hear how technology innovation protect children with a case study on VidaNyx, a digital evidence management solution for child advocacy centers. A Children’s Advocacy Center is a child-friendly facility in which law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy professionals work together to investigate abuse, help children heal from abuse, and hold offenders accountable.

Come away with a new understanding of how to create impact at scale and the ways in which domain level expertise will transform the search for knowledge for future generations. Impress your friends with new insights about Knowledge Graphs, Cloud Tech and Ethical AI and excite your students with the possibilities of doing well while doing good in the emerging field of technology for public interest.


Ikigai: How to Blend Purpose and Connection for Yourself and Your Students

• Speaker • Shelly Kurtz •

What is Ikigai? This workshop will explain what it is, how to find it and how to use it to unlock your full potential and that of your students. Learn how to create a sense of student belonging where sharing, learning, and growing together is a part of the foundational DNA of your school.

Students have the ability to dream big and to come into a world where their future is no longer predefined as in past generations. In fact, their future careers may not even exist yet. How can you inspire purpose and passion?

Through this, participants will learn how to use ikigai to bring in a deeper sense of purpose to their work and their organizations.

It’s Time to Walk the Talk: Individualizing Professional Learning

Speaker: Ben Thrash •

Current research in the evaluation of high-quality teachers strongly recommends the need to separate processes that address accountability from meaningful professional growth. To maximize high-quality student learning we must prioritize authentic teacher growth. In doing so, schools should model a professional learning practice that mirrors our efforts to individualize learning for students.

This workshop calls on participants to join a simulation that illustrates different approaches to professional learning in schools. In the process, we highlight ISH’s professional growth cycle framed around individualization, choice, and autonomy that asks teachers to develop inquiry goals that aspire toward our best teaching selves.

Participants choosing to learn with us will explore effective frameworks for pursuing one’s own professional growth, how schools can best promote teacher learning, and the toughest but most relevant question – how do we measure this impact on student learning.

One Word: It Will Change Your Life

Speaker: Mark Hull •

One Word creates clarity, power, passion and life-change. The simple power of One Word is that it impacts all six dimensions of your life – mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial. Simply put, One Word sticks. There is a word meant for you and when you find it, live it, and share it, your life will become more meaningfully focused. We will take time to go through the process of discovering that word for you and show you how to do that for your students, players and teams.

Making Learning Matter to Your Students

Speakers: Allison Zmuda and Diane Ullman

How do educators grow the self-direction of learners to deeply engage in complex and impactful challenges?
This session focuses on four attributes of personalized learning to enrich assessment and instructional experiences that are designed with students rather than for them.
Participants will examine school artifacts from around the world to inspire possibilities to deepen and expand strategies central to student autonomy that elevates thinking and interdependence.

Explorations in Machine Learning & AI

Speaker: Linda Liukas • 
How do computers learn? And what are we teaching when we teach machines? A workshop with crafts, computers and creativity, intended for total beginners in the world of artificial intelligence.

Exploring Children’s Work and Thinking as a Window into Their Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Development

Speaker: Mary Helen Immordino-Yang • 

In this workshop we will have an opportunity to deep-dive into the findings presented in the keynote, and to explore their relevance to teachers’ practices and to children’s and adolescents’ work and thinking. We will engage in structured reflection around the implications of transdisciplinary neuroscientific studies of development for schools.