Global Impact Schools: A Blueprint for Sustainable, Transformative Education for Community Impact

What does it mean to be a school that is dedicated to learning for sustainability, the full implementation of global competency in curriculum, and relevant community impact? The Inspire Citizens’ Global Impact School model provides a blueprint that allows educators and schools to pinpoint areas of opportunity and development around nine strands for greatest, sustainable impact.

Global Impact Schools model also provides a self-study tool for schools to monitor progress, collect evidence, and gain insights into potential next steps towards deep global competence. Participants will get hands-on opportunities to experience each of the stands, helping to pinpoint next steps towards transformative global competence education via:

  1. Analyzing opportunities and parlaying cultural, geographical, and educational strengths of the school and community.
  2. Supporting missions, visions, and unity of community culture around global competence.
  3. Establishing research-driven, best practices in professional learning communities and development.
  4. Implementing Empathy to Impact Curriculum and project design into pre-existing curriculum, pedagogical approaches, and new initiatives to bring relevance and life to teaching and learning.
  5. Applying Deep learning, global and intercultural competencies into curriculum and existing educational programs.
  6. Creating student, teacher, and community wellbeing programs that identify wellness strands connected to social-emotional learning, physical, financial, and mental health.
  7. Partnering locally and globally to implement the UN SDGs and global competence initiatives by students, teachers, and whole schools
  8. Sparking inquiry into the campus as a learning lab, highlighting operations and management practices of the school that allows for relevant learning and sustainable thinking.
  9. Facilitating soft skills: the human and people skills that support student leadership, communication, and collaboration to develop community impact projects and high level service-learning relationships.
  10. Amplifying digital citizenship through the responsible production and consumption of media through a unique Global Youth Media platform and program.

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