KEYNOTE: Communicating with Human Beings is Not Logical…

John Bates

Most of what we see modeled when it comes to communicating with human beings is not only NOT what works best, it is often nearly the opposite of what works best when it comes to communicating with, leading, inspiring and motivating human beings.

In 2009 John Bates attended the TED conference for the first time and that experience changed his entire life. Out of that experience he realized that communicating with human beings is not logical, it’s biological and that put him on the path to sharing the underlying evolutionary and neurobiology of human communication in the service of sharing not only what works when it comes to communicating well, but also why it works, based in science.

In this session John will share the most important pieces of the neurobiology of communication in a very clear and fun way. People regularly comment that the principles are both immediately applicable and tremendously useful. Some highlights include the paleomammalian brain, mirror neurons and the power of your own stories.

Don’t miss hearing what top leaders the world over say is one of the absolute best and most useful sessions they’ve ever attended. Please bring a notebook and a pen.