Is this taking informed action? How do we know?

Matt Bornstein-Grove

Speaker: Matt Bornstein-Grove

Taking Informed Action is central to the College, Career, and Civic Life Framework for Social Studies (C3) and also for developing responsible global citizens. It is also a daunting and often overwhelming challenge to bring infomed action to life. In addition to the instructional, curricular, and logistical challenges, there are also many questions about informed action itself: How big should it be? How often should we do it? What counts as informed action? How much choice should students have in the process?

The goal of this session is to provide some tools and frameworks that teachers can use to answer those questions in their specific context. Participants can expect to learn about the C3’s “Understand, Assess, Act” model of informed action and how to apply it to their own classroom. Participants will bring a unit to this session with the goal of integrating informed action.

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