Pre-Conference Institutes

Connected Networks and Trusted Communities

Tim McDonald

A connected network knows no boundaries as it enables people internally and externally to connect around purpose and common needs and interests.

It surpasses organizational hierarchies to connect people to each other and to ideas. The future of work is already here as we live in an open and connected world where it is easier to connect and have random collisions with people from around the world.

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Leveraging Students’ Cultural Diversity & Learning Preferences – A Practical Improvement Tool for International Schools

Peter Welch and Dave Stanfield

Each student has distinct values, communication styles and approaches to learning, yet many assumptions are made based on nationality. How can international educators better understand students learning preferences and cultural dispositions in an effort to improve teaching and learning?

The presenters will reveal key findings from a study looking at the relationship between student cultures and learning preferences that can be used to improve teaching strategies, support students’ transitions, and help leaders understand how students align (or not) with the values espoused by the school.

Building Trust

Fran Prolman

The Building Trust institute raises our consciousness, intentionality and repertoire of practical strategies to build, maintain and repair trust.

We will explore how to build and support trust, how trust cannot be assumed but intentionally taught as we support teams, professional learning communities, collaborative structures, looking at student data, giving and receiving feedback and peer observing in each other’s classrooms.


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