Teaching Point of View/Perspectives and Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies!

Presenter: Ellen Donnelly

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Conference Workshop

As an Advanced Academic Resource Teacher from Fairfax County VA I will introduce the 9 Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies. The Introductory Thinking Strategies and Lessons provide a direct approach to increasing student awareness of the thinking process.

One of life’s biggest challenges is accepting that there are numerous points of view and rarely one right way to view the world. Exploring alternative points of view is critical to understanding history and problem solving in the present and future. It helps broaden students’ thinking. In this workshop lessons on point of view will be presented.

DeBono’s Thinking Hats, Critical and Creative Lessons and switching stances so that one would need to argue the other side – a different perspective. These will be taught within this workshop.

A review of The Socratic Seminar will be discussed since it is a powerful teaching and learning strategy. It is a thoughtful dialogue that fosters reflective thinking and a catalyst for lively discussion that leads to a deeper understanding of issues themes, and ideas! (This stresses Point of View and Open-Ended

Each step of the Socratic Seminar increases students understand of the “big ideas” within a chosen text.

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