Memory, Knowledge and Cognition: Developing the Language of Learning

Presenter: Myron Dueck

Conference Workshop

‘21stCentury Skills’, Global Competencies, whatever you call them… it’s clear that there are enduring abilities that have stood the test of time.

Problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication are a few of the most prominent skills that have always been important, and ones our students must obtain as they prepare for a fast-changing, global landscape. While we may have compartmentalized these skills in the past, leaving ‘creativity’ up to the Arts, and ‘problem solving’ to the Math Department, this is no longer the reality. Research suggests that humans must learn skills in the contexts in which they will use them.

Translation: developing student competencies is everyone’s responsibility. In this session we will explore decades of research on memory and competency development, and explore ways in which we can frame the language of learning - namely the verbs. By harnessing the power of action words, we can truly use our subject areas to support the development of global competencies.

Participants are encouraged to bring a unit plan, course exam or an electronic device in which to access their own school documents, as we will offer time for a self-audit. How deep is the learning experience for my students, teachers or school community? – Attend this session to find out!

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