Maths PD: Building Teacher Capacity Through Shared Practice

Presenter: Johnnie Wilson Monika Hoge Rob Grantham

Teacher Presenters

This workshop will present an inquiry approach to Primary mathematics professional development currently taking place at Istanbul International Community School. Mathematics lessons are taught in turn by a mathematics teaching expert and teachers from the school. Similar age learning team members observe the lessons with an agreed upon focal point. All members of the team come together to consider mathematics teaching that engages all students and is built on sound mathematical thinking.

Through the year, grade level teams continue to revisit these considerations in collaboration with the mathematics teaching expert. This collegial approach to professional development moves a teaching community towards shared practices and common understandings of effective learning and teaching through rich dialogue, development of trust and a focus on meeting the needs of all students. Join IICS leaders and Johnnie Wilson from UC Santa Cruz to learn more!

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