International Mindedness vs. Social Stereotypes

Presenter: Olga Zvezdina

Teacher Presenters

Do we perceive people for what they really are? Or is our judgement clouded by multiple stereotypes? Participants of the workshop will be able to:

  • Critically asses different kinds of national, language, cultural and other stereotypes, find out more about origins of those stereotypes and their role in modern society.
  • Discuss what impact do stereotypes have on the work and educational environment and ultimately on the quality of education.
  • Analyze scenarios when objective evaluation of a person or his/her professional/personal qualities gain upper hand over stereotypes and what benefits that brings.
  • Link strategic goals of international education in the ever-changing and increasingly more globalized world to the need for further promotion of cultural diversity.
  • Elaborate on the topic of cultural diversity and to evaluate the role of studying different languages as a means of cross-cultural integration.

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