Emotion Coaching at AISB: Transforming Our Behavior Management Practices Through Exploring the Neuroscience Behind Challenging Behavior

Presenter: Akane Yoshida

Teacher Presenters

Emotion Coaching is a research-driven approach to promoting the development of self-regulation in children and young people. Through empathetic and emotionally responsive relationships with key adults, students learn more effective strategies for those inevitable moments when big feelings become challenging and, by extension, achieve better social and academic outcomes.

In this workshop, Emotion Coaching International Practitioner Trainer and AISB Learning Support Teacher Akane Yoshida will take the audience through the basics of Emotion Coaching and share how, over the course of one year, the AISB PYP community came to embrace the Emotion Coaching approach and collectively revise community documentation to reflect this new attitude towards behavior management.

Participants will hear testimonials from teachers and parents on the impact of Emotion Coaching on their practice/parenting, and a case study report on a student for whom Emotion Coaching led to measurable gains in emotional and behavioral regulation.

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