Jennifer Wong-Powell

Thursday, March 16

Full-day session

American International School of Vilnius

The Early Years Job-alike will include a couple of sessions by Dr. Jennifer Wong-Powell.

Session 1: 9.00-10.30

Seeing children as they are and could be  

We each come to view and understand the world with our own filters that have developed across a lifetime. Oftentimes, our filters are invisible to ourselves yet apparent to others. This session will focus on developing the skills in coming to know ourselves while simultaneously developing a schema for coming to know our students through observation. This will allow us to understand the perspectives of our students and make authentic connections with them to support their learning through play.

Session 2: 10.45-12.15

Play environments for learning

What do play environments for learning look like? Quality play environments include elements of choice for purpose and challenge; wonder for exploration and imagination; and delight for ideas and stories. Done right, the play environment promotes a sense of belonging; provokes inquiry and intellectual challenge; and develops expressive language and symbolic representations. Designing play environments is not left to chance – adults need to be knowledgeable, skillful and purposeful. How we develop play environments for learning is the focus of this session.