Coach & AD program

The two-day coach and AD/Coach registration includes:

  • Two NIAAA Leadership courses (additional charges apply),
  • A discussion panel recorded for an episode of the Globetrottin’AD podcast about any and all topics related to international school athletics,
  • Coffee breaks & lunch on both conference days,
  • Keynote & breakout sessions in the main conference program,
  • Exhibitor Reception on Friday afternoon,
  • Gala Celebration dinner on Saturday night.

Please note

If you wish to attend NIAAA Leadership courses, you need to register for them separately. For each course you sign up for you will need to pay 80 EUR in advance (on top of the conference fee).
To register for the NIAAA courses and receive payment information please email Nick DeForest  (NIAAA Regional Coordinator and Presenter).

NIAAA Leadership courses

The NIAAA (National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association) champions the profession of administering athletic programs in high schools and middle schools around the world. No other body values, promotes, preserves, supports and stands ready to uplift the cause of the athletic administrator, as does the NIAAA.
The NIAAA is accredited by Cognia and offers six different levels of certification.
For more information about the NIAAA please visit

LTC 726 Student Leadership Development

Student Leadership Development is an essential component to any successful education-based athletic program. In this course, numerous ways to actively develop leaders in your local school and at the state level will be covered. Topics include: captains council, student leadership workshops, service learning, and local and statewide student summits. The society in which we live is ever-changing and so are our student-athletes, resulting in a necessity to find new ways to teach and challenge students to be the next generation of leaders.
Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: educators who seek ideas and materials to help develop student leadership in their respective school, state, and nation.

LTC 902 Principles, Strategies & Methods for Athletic Programs in International Schools

This course takes a basic approach to the fundamentals and methods of athletic administration. The course alerts and educates athletic administrators on potential problems, as well as possible solutions in areas such as organization, budgets, scheduling, logistics, parent/student/coach conflicts, and communications. The course also touches upon sample athletic/activity department organizational charts, activity procedures/checklist, public relations, and emergency plans.
Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: inexperienced athletic administrators seeking to define and improve their operational procedures.
Required for RIAA.