2020 CEESA Conference

Special Needs Certificate Program: Part 3

Office of Overseas Schools is offering a quality program for essential professional development for primary and secondary educators who provide or coordinate services for children with learning challenges. OOS will offer a “certificate” or digital badge to participants who complete the 2-year program by participating in the entire 80 hours of professional development.

To qualify for the certificate, participants taking the program must attend all parts within the 2-year period.

 Part 1 of this program took place at the CEESA Conference in Warsaw in March 2019.

 Part 2 was hosted by the Anglo American School of Sofia in April 2019.

 Part 3 of this program will be held at the CEESA Conference in Helsinki in March 2020, following the same format as the CEESA Conference in Warsaw: two days of pre-conference sessions (March 18-19), and two days of shorter sessions at the main Conference (March 20-21).

 Part 4 will be held at the Anglo-American School of Sofia on April 24-26, 2020.

 Participants will also be required encouraged to attend two online sessions, one before Part 3 and one before Part 4. These sessions are strongly recommended but not required for the certificate.

Part 3 of the Special Needs program at the 2020 CEESA Conference is open to all participants, but priority will be given to those working towards the certificate. To stay on track with the certificate, you have to attend both pre-conferences and at least 3 out of 4 shorter sessions. 

Only participants who attended parts 1 and 2 in Warsaw and Sofia are still eligible for the certificate.

The cost of part 3 of the Special Needs Certificate program at the 2020 CEESA Conference:

  • CEESA members: $250 Pre-Conference + $475 Conference registration = $725
  • Non-members: $300 Pre-Conference + $525 Conference registration = $825
Participants should sign up through the participant registration form.
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