2020 CEESA Conference

Coach and AD Specific Program

The two-day coach and AD specific program at the 2020 CEESA Conference includes three NIAAA Leadership courses and four workshops by Mark Hull. Participants may attend as many sessions as they wish. Timings of courses and workshops are integrated so that participants can attend all of them. 

Participants are also welcome to attend non-AD specific Conference workshops – see the Conference schedule.

NIAAA Leadership Training Courses

The NIAAA and CEESA are proud to be able to offer Leadership Training Courses for Athletic Administrators at the 30th Annual CEESA Conference in Helsinki, March 20 and 21, 2020. 

The facilitators of these courses will be officially registered NIAAA facilitators who are working in European international schools.


This course will examine the role of the athletic director and other school administrators in supporting and developing the interscholastic strength & conditioning program within a school or district. In this regard, topic coverage will include: (1) philosophy of strength & conditioning for ages 12-18; (2) function of strength & conditioning in rehabilitation of injury; (3) roles and responsibilities of coaches and athletic administrators; (4) the interscholastic weight room – specifications and equipment; (5) financial issues and strategies; (6) helping parents, athletes and the general public understand the role strength and conditioning; (7) legal issues and risk management strategies; (8) certification of strength & conditioning personnel; (9) performance-enhancing substances in interscholastic strength & conditioning; and (10) contemporary administrative issues and response strategies.

Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: Administrators seeking methods to better support strength & conditioning programs in middle and high school programs.

This course provides strategies for the development of middle school athletic programs and concentrates on the role of the middle school coach and coaching principles. Middle-level athletics is an essential part of the total educational process and an excellent opportunity for the home, school, and community to work together in order to provide a positive educational experience for middle-level children.
Enrollees who will derive the greatest benefit: Administrators seeking to develop student leadership and school citizenship programs as well as implementing leadership strategies among coaches.

This course will examine the training, preparation, and guiding of coaches. Understanding the inherent tasks related to education-based athletics is an ongoing role and responsibility of the athletic administrator. The athletic administrator will be better prepared to integrate new learning opportunities for coaches. Through the nurturing of suggested knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes, enrollees in this course will be better empowered as athletic administrators to deal with the constant turnover and training of coaches that can demand much of the administrator’s time.

Workshops by Mark Hull

Mark Hull has spent over 30 years working with coaches, seeing first-hand the pressurized world of sports and the highs and lows of coaching. A former art teacher, high school and college wrestling coach, and a parent of three children who’ve come through the club, high school, and college programs, he’s seen the potential and pitfalls in it all. Read more…

3Dimensional Coaching is a framework for coaching built on a foundation of purpose. Once a coach understands his or her transformational purpose in coaching they don’t have to just transact with athletes but can now be transformational just by how they coach them. 3Dimensional Coaches are technically and tactically sound, skilled at coaching the mind and focused on capturing the heart.  In this session we will unpack this powerful way to coach, give you a few tools and direct those interested to the journey ahead in the form of certification and course for credit.

Have you ever said things like: “He’s just gifted,” or “She’s a natural born leader,” or “You’re so smart”? We mean well when we say these things AND people like to hear them. However the research of Dr. Carol Dweck shows quite clearly how harmful these statements can be. We will look at the two basic mindsets that Dr. Dweck has identified and see how powerful each of these mindsets can be as they apply to sport and to school.

Is there something bugging you right now? Is there something that you’d really like to change about your job, yourself, your team, school or sport culture? Have you tried to change any of these issues with little or no success? In this session we will process through the “Formula for Change.” We will identify the four factors necessary for real and lasting change, applying them to your specific situation. Get ready to do some simple math!

“Sports Builds Character.” Everyone connected to sports has heard this. Most of us have said this. What does the research show? You may be surprised! In this session we will work through character attributes and the impact of sport competition on the different attributes ascribed to character. We will look at what it takes for us to coach in a way that allows us to be our best: Our Performance best and our Moral best.

Coach and AD Specific Program Schedule

Day Time Workshop/course Facilitator
Friday, March 20
3Dimensional Coaching
Mark Hull
LTC 706: Coaching Coaches to be Leadership Educators

Nick DeForest,

Dave Horner

Sport Motivation and Confidence: Creating the right Mindset
Mark Hull
The Formula for Change
Mark Hull
Saturday, March 21
Coaching Greatness and Goodness
Mark Hull
LTC 701: Administration and Application of Middle School Athletic Programs

Nick DeForest,

Matt Fleming

LTC 627: Interscholastic Sports Strength and Conditioning

Jason Cuthbert,

Matt Fleming