Learning STEAM+Humanities through Architecture

• Speaker: Pihla Meskanen (Arkki) •

In this workshop participants can dive hands-on in a creative learning process through 3D constructing. The participants will get an insight into how architecture and design have been used as a multidisciplinary phenomenon integrating various school subjects in Arkki’s programs within the past 25 years.

The workshop is based on the experiences of 25 years of architecture education in Finland as an after-school program approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Arkki’s program enables children to learn playfully through cross-curricular, phenomenon-based and hands-on 3D experimentation projects. Architecture offers endless possibilities in being the big A in STEAM education and holistically intertwining science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts through Architecture.

Arkki pedagogical program develops three dimensional and design thinking skills and evokes the imagination and creativity in children and youth.

Play, Create, Succeed is Arkki’s motto. “I have learned skills that I can apply in all fields of life, Arkki project-based learning teaches us creative problem-solving skills”, says Arkki pupil Joosua Kuusela.

Arkki’s long-term program consisting of 15 years and 1500 hours, has been developed by Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth in Finland during the past 26 years and can be licensed through Arkki International.