Tra-digital Approaches to Meaningful Making

Speaker: Cathy Hunt • 

This session will allow participants to explore a range of art-making tools, pedagogical techniques that support the seamless integration of technology and hands-on, tactile ways of working creatively. Through this ‘tra-digital’ approach, educators will explore technology as an opportunity. Alongside play, paints, clay, paper, leveraging mobile devices and a ‘meaningful maker mindset’ can inject facets of design, trial and error, aesthetics in art classrooms, cross-curricular programs, STEAM initiatives, etc.

This presentation weaves together a showcase of best practices from schools across the world. As such, students from Asia, The Americas, Australia are represented in a global context. Additionally, in this workshop educators will be provided with a connected ‘toolbox’ for workflows, and the pedagogical expertise, to design authentic, learner-driven activities and environments that recognize and accommodate learner variability in all classrooms.