Pre-ConferenceSpecial Needs Certificate Program

Special Needs Certificate Program: Principles of Assessment and Becoming Better Observers of Behavior

Facilitators: Susan Grant, Sylvia Linan-Thompson • 
Time: March 18, 2020 • 8:30-16:00 • 

Assessment is an essential component of instruction for determining appropriate interventions, remediation, accommodations for primary and secondary students.  Systematic observation and description of behavior is an essential part of this teacher assessment. 
Objectives for the session are: 
  1. Recognizing the behavioral characteristics in the classroom that help to identify the child’s learning challenges.
  2. Understanding the differences between remediation, accommodations and modifications.
  3. Understanding the uses of assessments in schools.
  4. Becoming familiar with different types of assessments and their uses.
  5. Understanding the educational, language and psychoeducational assessment reports.
  6. Using data from reports to make referrals or instructional decisions. 

The morning session will focus on the principles of assessment use.
The afternoon session will focus on the use of assessment data to plan instruction.

Participants will work in groups according to the teaching role to develop a treatment plan after analyzing case studies. The case studies for primary and secondary students will include behavioral observations, test/assessment data and diagnostic impressions, for language processing, EF, autism and reading disabilities.

All participants will be given a case study template for them to use during the session and in their schools for the final project at the Sofia Institute.

This session is part of the Special Needs Certificate Program, but it is open to all participants.